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Choose Empire Auto Care to Repair Your Exhaust System Problems

Empire Auto Care is the best auto shop in Fort Lauderdale. We are here for all of your automotive service and repair needs. This includes the exhaust system. If you notice any of the following problems, these are signs that your exhaust system needs to be serviced or repaired. In most cases, the exhaust system is leaking or clogged. Bring your vehicle to our shop at the first indication of trouble.

Strong Burning Odors

One of the common places from where the exhaust system can leak is out of the exhaust manifold gasket. The exhaust manifold itself can also crack and leak scorching exhaust into the engine. Consequently, you will smell the strong odors of burning plastic and rubber coming from the engine.

Strong Fuel Odors

Your exhaust system is also clogged or leaking if you have strong fuel odors in the passenger cabin. The exhaust could be backing up from a clogged catalytic converter into the engine or it could be leaking in the engine. Your ventilation system may pick up the exhaust and push it inside your vehicle.

Overly Noisy Engine

A sign that your muffler has a hole in it and is leaking is an overly noisy engine. Unfortunately, this will also make your engine rumble when you press down on the accelerator. As you may know, if the muffler is allowing the engine to be extremely loud, you may end up getting a fix-it ticket.

Acceleration/Power Lag

The exhaust system also needs to be repaired if your vehicle’s acceleration and power are lagging. Any time the engine fills with exhaust gases, its performance slows down because it is difficult for the combustion chamber to produce combustion. Consequently, the engine will lose power.

Reduction in Fuel Economy

Even though the combustion chamber is struggling to produce combustion, you will still see a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel economy due to the engine performance issues. In an effort to produce power, the engine will burn extra fuel until you have the exhaust system leak or clog repaired.

Damaged Tailpipe

Finally, you may end up with a damaged tailpipe because of where it is located or due to its age. It is easy for the tailpipe to be dented or end up with a hole in it when it is hit by road debris. The pipe can also start to corrode and the rust will eat through it when it gets too old.

Empire Auto Care in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, can help by replacing your tailpipe and ensuring that your exhaust system is not leaking or clogged. Call us today.

Photo by AleksandarGeorgiev from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro