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Are you looking for full synthetic oil change in Ft. Lauderdale & Palm Bay FL?  Empire Auto Care is a dealership quality Auto Repair Shop in Ft. Lauderdale & Palm Bay FL. Our Fort Lauderdale shop services Pompano Beach, Wilton Manors, Lighthouse Point, and Lauderdale By The Sea areas, while our Palm Bay shop services Melbourne, June Park, and Grant-Valkaria. We focus on offering the highest quality services at the best price.

Why Choose a Full Synthetic Oil for Your Engine?

Today’s consumer is faced with a bewildering number of choices when it comes to choosing motor oil for their car. A quick look down the motor oil aisle at the local auto part store reveals a few dozen different brands and viscosity weights. Then there’s the choice of whether to pick conventional petroleum oil, a semi-synthetic (petroleum synthetic blend), or any number of options for full synthetic motor oil.

Let’s face it. The big oil companies have most of us locked in a cycle of changing our oil every 3000 miles. While there certainly isn’t anything wrong with changing your oil that frequently, frankly you’re leaving money and performance on the table by following this dated pattern. By having a full synthetic oil change, you can leave 3,000-mile oil changes behind. A full synthetic oil change increases the performance and life of your vehicle, meaning you only have to change your oil between 5,000 —10,000 miles.

Full synthetic oil change in Ft. Lauderdale & Palm Bay FL, will Save Money and Enhance Performance

A full synthetic oil change is far superior to conventional ones for many reasons. For starters, synthetic oil is made from 100% pure chemicals that are uniform and free of contaminants. Both of these are important factors for lubrication. Uniform molecules mean smoother flow and less resistance, and after all, the point of the oil in your vehicle is to keep it cool and to run properly with the least resistance possible.

Benefits of a Full Synthetic Oil:

  • Your engine will run smoother.
  • Your engine will run cooler.
  • You will have more power.
  • You will get better gas mileage
  • Need to change your oil less, saving money, time, and the environment

Synthetic oil will provide every one of these benefits and increase the usable life of your engine. The superior lubrication power of synthetics means less wear and tear on your engine and less time in the shop for you.

Full Synthetic Oil Change Ft Lauderdale & Palm Bay FL

Perhaps the best part of getting a high-quality full synthetic oil change in Ft Lauderdale & Palm Bay FL, is that you can use far less oil over a given period. Because of their superior lubricity and stability, synthetic oils need to be changed less. In fact it’s even been claimed, with some of top of the line full synthetic oil changes, you can go as far as 10,000 miles without a change! Thats right, by using high-quality full synthetic oil you only need to change your oil once a year or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Keep in mind this is only on high performance and certain vehicles.

Most vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. And newer vehicles like Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes claim 10,000 as a standard. Now imagine, in addition to the performance benefits of using high-quality synthetic oil, you also are saving hundreds of dollars a year by purchasing less oil. Using less oil is also great for the environment. For example, if you drive 25,000 miles per year and change your oil every 3,000 miles you are probably using close to 40 quarts of oil per year, not to mention the filters. The economic and environmental savings of high-quality synthetic oil change are tremendous. Even at the low end of only 5,000 — 7,500 miles per change you saving upwards 16-25 quarts of oil per year.

Full Synthetic Oil Change Near Me

Our full synthetic oil change offers performance, wear protection, fuel economy benefits, and convenience. Well ahead of what you get with fossil oil. All these reasons add up to why “factory filled” with synthetic oil is becoming more and more common. Also why you should consider a high-grade synthetic for your vehicle.

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