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Keep Your Car Out of the Fort Lauderdale Sun

Your car has been parked in the Fort Lauderdale sun all day. You unlock it using the key fob and slide into the driver’s seat. The seat scalds your backside and you cannot believe how hot it is inside your car. You fire up the engine and turn the air conditioner on its highest setting in an effort to cool the interior. Empire Auto Care suggests you do the following to help reduce the interior heat while the car is parked. Please note, however, that it still won’t be safe to leave pets or children in the car.

Look for Shade

Parking in the shade not only keeps the interior cooler but also protects your automobile. When the Fort Lauderdale sunshine beats down on your vehicle, it can fade and crack the interior and oxidize the painted exterior. To keep your vehicle looking as if it were new, you want to find a shady spot to park whenever you need to park your automobile. This can be under a tree or in a garage.

Make Your Own Shade

Although this will protect your car’s exterior, you can protect your car’s interior by creating your own shade if you cannot park in the shade. Take advantage of the various window shades available at the auto parts store. This includes the shade for the windshield and the rear window, as well as shades for the windows that will block the sun’s rays. This protects the interior.

Cover the Interior

You can also prevent the sun from beating down on the interior by covering it. You can have seat covers and a dashboard cover made, or you can cover these interior parts with large towels. It’s also a good idea to cover the steering wheel so it doesn’t burn your hands when you place them on it.

Allow for Ventilation

Encouraging ventilation will not protect the interior of your automobile but it will help keep it cooler. When you cracked the windows and sunroof, you allow the heat that builds up inside the car to escape. You also allow cool air in if there is a breeze.

Set Up a Service

Finally, keep in your vehicle maintained improves its ability to operate in the summer. If the air conditioner is serviced, it will take less time to cool down the inside of the automobile. If the cooling system is serviced, your engine will not overheat.

Call Empire Auto Care in Fort Lauderdale, FL, today to schedule a service visit for an AC inspection and a cooling system service.

Photo by MarkD800 from Getty Images via Canva Pro