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Reasons Not To Buy A Hybrid Vehicle

We know you want to save the environment. Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, hybrid vehicles–trendy and high-tech as they are–may not be the way to do it. Here’s a look at a few solid reasons not to buy a hybrid vehicle:

Other Options Exist

Not only have automakers embraced flex fuel and diesel technology to cut down on emissions, but there are countless other ways to befriend the environment than driving a hybrid. For example, you could simply opt for a smaller vehicle. Unless you need a massive truck for hauling or towing, why not choose a lightweight sedan? Small engine technology goes green without the price tag of hybrid vehicles, and you don’t have the hassle of that high-voltage battery pack.

In addition, you can go a step further and consider eliminating your car altogether. Especially if you live in a congested urban area, take a close look at public transportation, riding a bicycle, ride sharing, carpooling, or good old-fashioned walking. Not only will foregoing this previously-assumed necessity save you thousands up front, but you’ll also avoid maintenance and repair costs, as well as storage and parking fees.

They Rarely Justify the Initial Cost

Hybrid vehicles have undoubtedly become more mainstream, but that doesn’t mean they make financial sense for every driver. These high-tech, high-efficiency autos cost more to produce, maintain and repair. In fact, their high-voltage batteries alone cost thousands to refurbish and replace. And if you spend most days sitting in stop-and-go traffic, your hybrid may never save enough at the pump to match the financial investment you unloaded when you drove it off the lot.

With technological advancements improving every day, standard vehicles are catching up to hybrids in both efficiency and durability. So, before you drain your savings account to afford a hybrid, do the math.

Too Many Safety Concerns

True, hybrid vehicles boast a quieter ride, but sometimes you need to hear a ton of metal coming at you. Also, with more electrical capability than standard autos, hybrid vehicles pose a higher shock threat. For example, especially in an emergency, understanding the high-voltage cable system that runs through these vehicles becomes essential to getting away from an accident unscathed, and first responders need special training before they can safely evacuate anyone stuck inside a wrecked hybrid.

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