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Stop by Empire Auto Care if Your Engine Is Making Any of the Following Noises

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Empire Auto Care is the best auto shop in Fort Lauderdale. As such, you can trust us to determine why your engine is making a strange noise. Once we have found the source of the noise, we will let you know what it will take to fix the problem. We will also answer any questions you may have. Let’s talk about the odd noises engines make below and why they make them.


The engine will likely grind if there is a motor oil problem. Usually, the engine grinds if the oil cannot get past a clogged oil filter. This means you do not have oil circulating through the engine. Consequently, your engine is being damaged while it is running.


Another thing that can damage the engine and cause a knocking noise is worn rod bearings. This makes the pistons make contact with the cylinder walls. This can damage the walls. Your engine can also knock if the cylinders are having problems with detonations.


Sometimes, a popping sound coming from the engine may sound more like tapping. Either way, this sound points to an issue with the exhaust system. Specifically, a leaking exhaust manifold, a muffler with a hole in it, or a clogged catalytic converter will make a popping sound.


A muffler with a hole in it and a stolen catalytic converter will make a rumbling sound. The sound is extremely loud and can make your vehicle sound like it’s racing on a NASCAR track. Depending on how large your engine is, you may end up on the wrong side of the law. You can get ticketed if your engine is louder than what the noise abatement laws allow.


You want a sizzling engine in a figurative term, but you do not want a sizzling engine literally. This can be a sign that the engine is way too hot or that you have fluid leaking throughout the engine. A frying pan sizzles when you put bacon in it. The same thing happens when fluid drips on hot engine parts.


Finally, a squealing sound can be annoying and an indication that it’s time to replace the accessory belt. It can also be a sign that the belt’s pulley needs to be replaced. You might also hear the power steering pump squeal when you turn the steering wheel if it is bad.

Call Empire Auto Care in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, today so we can schedule a service appointment to find out why your engine is making a strange sound.

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