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There Is Gunk All Over My Shock Absorbers!

If you reach up underneath the wheel and feel gunk all over the shock absorber, this is a sign that it is leaking and it needs to be replaced. Empire Auto Care can replace your shock absorbers when they need it. We can also replace the struts and repair your suspension if there is a problem. Aside from oily shock absorbers, let’s talk about the other signs of suspension problems below.

Low-Sitting Corner

If your car sits lower on one wheel, the suspension spring, which is also called the leaf spring, is broken. Aside from the low-sitting corner, that wheel will also make a loud clunking noise when you drive over bumps. It’s important to have the broken spring replaced as soon as possible to avoid causing additional and unnecessary damage to your vehicle’s suspension.

Momentum Motion

A good sign that your stress and shocks need to be replaced is your vehicle’s body reacting to the automobile’s momentum. What we mean by this is tilting forward when you brake, leaning backward when you accelerate, and leaning to the side when you turn around corners. The struts and shocks prevent this from happening when they are healthy.

Problems Steering

Your automobile’s suspension system includes the steering system. If you are having difficulties controlling your vehicle, you may have a problem with the power or manual steering. We can inspect the steering system and replace the parts that are causing the issue. We can also replace the power steering fluid if it is dirty and old.

Uncomfortable Ride

Your vehicle’s suspension helps to give you a comfortable ride in the passenger cabin. An uncomfortable and bumpy ride is a sign that the struts and shocks are too old and need to be replaced. You don’t want to drive an automobile that bounces around. This makes controlling the vehicle difficult. If it has been five to 10 years since you have had the struts and shocks replaced, it may be time to do so.

Veering to the Side

Finally, it is also difficult to control your automobile if it veers to the side when you are driving straight. This is a sign that your wheel alignment is off. The wheel alignment makes certain that the tire tread meets the road evenly. If your wheels are misaligned, your vehicle will veer to the side.

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Photo by bgton from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro