Auto Repair

What Are The Best Car Maintenance Investments?

A vehicle provides a long-term investment that if maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines will keep you commuting comfortably for many years. While it’s unsafe and impractical to ignore any regular service, some tasks outrank others. Here’s a look at the most significant services for your car.

Regular Oil Changes

As the engine runs, it creates heat and friction in epic proportions. To offset this intensity, motor oil cools and lubricates the space, ensuring the many moving parts stay healthy and well-functioning. Since everything in this environment wears out, including lubricant, it’s essential you stay on top of regular oil changes and use high-quality oil. Depending on your model, driving environment/habits, and the type of oil you use, the frequency of oil changes will vary. Your best source is the owner’s manual, but a trusted mechanic can provide valuable insight, as well.

Filter Replacement

Filters add a layer of protection: oil filters insulate the oil, engine air filters protect the engine, and cabin air filters clean breathable air. If you have these parts checked and changed regularly, these environments will stay clean. If you ignore a clogged filter, not only is your engine in danger, but other systems (the heater and air-conditioner, for example) lose effectiveness, as well. On the up side, most quality technicians will check filters when they perform oil changes and other maintenance tasks, so you shouldn’t need to guess when they need replacing.

Tire Services

Your car’s tires do more than give you a comfortable ride. They increase fuel efficiency, aid brakes, and help you turn smoothly. Since keeping tires properly inflated requires little technical knowledge and skills, this one is a no-brainer. To make sure tires wear evenly and stay functional longer, make regular tire rotations a priority and get new tires every 3-5 years.

Belt Checks

Engine belts, especially the timing belt, can destroy an engine if they wear out and fail. For this reason, having professional eyes check for cracks, stripping, marring, or other obvious signs of damage will help you avoid engine catastrophe.

Other Important Tips

If you make standard maintenance a priority, you have the best chance of driving your vehicle long-term. Despite your best efforts, however, parts can still malfunction. As such, you should always pay close attention to how your car performs and never ignore warning lights. Yes, it can get frustrating if the check engine light comes on and you realize it’s only a loose gas cap, but these advanced warning systems indicate any sign of trouble…and small issues left unattended can magnify and cost you time and money down the road.

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