Auto Repair

Why Does My Car Pull To The Right?

If you have trouble coasting in a straight line or maneuvering your vehicle becomes increasingly difficult, something’s off. Yes, having your car pull left or right is a hassle, but it’s also dangerous. Several issues can lead to pulling, and finding the source is the first step to restoring balance. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

First, Pay Attention

Before you can adequately explain the issue to a technician, you need to know details. So, hunker down and discern what happens during a pull. Does it pull right or left, and when does it happen (during braking or acceleration)? Having a clear understanding of the problem will help the mechanic know where to look. Otherwise, you increase the chances of a lengthy diagnostic.

Consider Alignment

If you can’t remember the last time you had the wheels aligned, it might be time for action. If misalignment is the cause, you could have other trouble, as well (uneven tread wear, squeaking tires, a crooked steering wheel). Since alignment adjusts angles and creates perfect positioning for tires, wheels and suspension, this service is crucial for a steady commute.

Check Tire Pressure

With improper inflation, tires can affect how your car leans, making it pull front to back or right to left. Fortunately, checking tire pressure and adjusting it requires no more than looking at the owner’s manual (for recommended tire pressure), checking tire pressure at your local service station, and refilling or deflating tires.

Have Brakes Inspected

If tires and suspension are in order, it could be your brakes. Brake calipers apply pressure to the brake pads, so if they get stuck, it can create uneven pressure that causes a slight pull to the side. If you suspect the brakes, take your vehicle to a professional and have them perform a full evaluation. Even if they come out with a clean bill of health, you’ll know an important safety feature is performing as it should.

Trust the Professionals

Aside from those mentioned above, several irregularities can cause your car to pull one way or another, including a weak tie rod, weathered steering linkage, or worn wheel bearing. Despite the underlying issue, a licensed mechanic provides your best chance for diagnosing and remedying the problem, so don’t ignore even slight pulling in hopes it will go away on its own. And minor issues left untreated never fail to create more damage as time passes.

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