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Why Is My Engine Overheating and Lagging?

If your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine is overheating and lagging, this is a sign that the fuel pump is going bad. When the fuel pump malfunctions, its motor may get too hot. Consequently, Empire Auto Care advises that this heat can be transferred to the engine and cause it to overheat. The lagging part of the problem is an indication that the fuel pump is unable to supply the engine with enough fuel to sustain its operation. Your engine will lag in particular when the vehicle is under stress are you are driving fast. Let’s talk about additional problems that point to a faulty fuel pump.

Additional Engine Performance Problems

Aside from a lagging engine that cannot sustain speed when under stress, you may also notice that your engine surges and picks up speed unexpectedly. The former is a sign that the fuel pump is not supplying the engine with enough fuel. The latter is a sign that the fuel pump is supplying the engine with too much fuel. Your engine may also idle roughly if the fuel pump is struggling.

A Noticeable Decrease in Your Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, the engine performance problems will create an issue with your vehicle’s fuel economy. Your car, truck, or C/SUV will not get its normal gas mileage. Rather, the engine will burn through a full tank of gasoline or diesel fuel quicker than it normally does. Consequently, you won’t get the miles per gallon guaranteed by the vehicle’s manufacturer until you replace the fuel pump to restore the engine’s performance. Doing so should bring your fuel economy back to normal.

Fuel Pressure Under the Minimum Recommendation

One way to tell if the fuel pump is dying is to test your vehicle’s fuel pressure. There is a recommended range in which the fuel pressure should fall. You will find this range in the owner’s manual. If you test the fuel pressure and it falls outside of this range, most likely being too low, you can safely bet that the fuel pump is struggling to produce fuel pressure.

An Inability to Start the Car, Truck, or C/SUV

Finally, all of these things will make it difficult to start your car, truck, or utility vehicle. At first, it may just be hard to start the automobile. Eventually, if the fuel pump becomes unable to send fuel to the engine, you will end up with a dead engine.

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